Torqued House

The characteristics feature of the site for this residence is an open meadow which turns quickly into a heavily wooded slope. The desire to live below in the meadow during the day and move up the hill each night gave the building its raison d'etre. The torqued movement comes from a contrapuntal reading of the site juxtaposing inward looking views from the meadow with outward looking views from above. The program is dispersed into a series of pavilions which grow in complexity as they move up hill. The guest house and garage frame the meadow below while the main house located on the slope takes advantage of distant views. Each pavilion starts as a 56' x 20' x 8' bar constructed with prefabricated modular parts that are modified depending upon site conditions, use and view. The copper expanded metal mesh skin is created through a custom laser cut pattern. The skin can be understood to be perfomative in that the apertures change to direct views, create privacy screens and allows the skin to act as a sun break.